Sinclair Meadows

New Build

We originally won a design competition to create a new unique housing development in South Tyneside that was to be the most advanced residential project in England.

Working for Four Housing Group in partnership with South Tyneside Council and Groundwork Trust we were appointed as lead designer from RIBA stages 0 to 7. Full planning approval was granted in April 2011 and the development was completed in August 2013.

The development proposal comprised of 21 residential eco-friendly dwellings which are carbon negative in energy-use. The project is highly innovative and also achieved Code 6 of The Code for Sustainable Homes (this is the governments highest standard).

The development has the ability to wipe out the carbon footprint created during its construction within 2.8 years and the houses generate more electricity than they use from the largest array of solar panels on a domestic housing scheme, feeding electricity back into the grid.

The challenge with this project was to design and deliver the most advanced housing project of its time. Through years of research we ensured the buildings were designed using the most innovative and sustainable materials. The houses integrated solar panels, a communal biomass boiler, rainwater harvesting tanks and even a no car policy for the site to reduce carbon emissions.

As lead designer we had to work very closely as part of a team to co-ordinate the many other specialist design consultants to ensure the overall detailed design was fully coherent to achieve the required
sustainability goal.

The project won numerous national awards and was even on the national BBC news.

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